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Thanks to the special friendships we have built up over years.

Bellini Travel has unprecedented access to Italy’s most important museums

collections and galleries.
And we can grant you access to them after hours, when they are closed to the public .
For an evening of true artistic bliss, experience the Sistine Chapel and   the majesty of Michelangelo’s ceiling with not a tourist in sight.
Or would you prefer to gaze in perfect silence at the mosaics of St Mark’s in Venice, the colours glowing in the flickering candlelight.
You cannot put a price on inside knowledge.
Privacy policy.

Tours of Britain for the Chinese – Mandarin-speaking guides

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Brighton – Public UK City Walking Tours for the Chinese – London

York, Edinburgh – Travel Buddy Service – Full Day in London – Chinese Student Group Tours – British Experiences for the Chinese – Corporate Chinese Tours – What To Expect Our Guides Corporate – Corporate Chinese Tours – Mandarin Chinese Interpreting and Translation – Mandarin Chinese Recruitment Services Contact Us.

Our private Chinese city walking tours are great for Chinese families

corporates or small groups of friends who want a more personal touring experience with their Mandarin-speaking guide.
We also offer public walking tour s which anyone can sign up to.
Find out more here.


Are you ready to excite your tastebuds?.
We talk about traveling to see famous sites, nature’s beauty, and places of historic significance, but what about taking a trip that’s all about food.
If you love interesting flavors and local eats, this kind of traveling is for you.
Everything is better when you”re with people you love.
Come with a group of friends and enjoy a fantastic food experience.
Try it once, and we”re sure you”ll want to come again!.
Life”s too short to not eat well!.
Sometimes there’s no better way to relax than to enjoy delicious grub with old friends.
If you’re looking for a good place to eat, let us take you to a local hotspot!  DINNER IDEAS.
Tired of eating the same thing for dinner all the time.
Tours are a great way to get some new ideas.
Want to learn how to pair spices together.
We’d love to have you along on our next culinary experience.
“Get Rita!.
The #70 bus was clean, in great condition, & our guide, Rita, was the BEST guide we”ve ever had anywhere.
We”ve done many tours & we enjoyed this one the most.

Rita is a native to Niagra & will give you tons of history & lots of helpful info

We loved it.
Marc, Kristy, Liz & Emi -Lakeland, FL” Marc & Kristy.

“We took Bedore Tours for both the American side (Rita) and the Canadian side (Brian)

Both were very good.
They picked us up at the campground.
Both groups had less than 10 people.
The price seems high.

But it includes entrance to the boat rides or Skylon Tower

and the Cave behind the falls or the Hurricane Platform, and personalized attention as well.
I am happy we took the tours; no driving, parking, or deciding what to do.
It was much easier on my husband, .

And therefore easier on me!” AE B

“Did a day tour from New York which was great

Plenty of time to explore and see the sights.
We did the American side and went on the Maid of the Mist boat and the walk underneath the falls.

Both were excellent and I”d recommend them

I think the view is maybe better at the Canadian side

Everyone was very friendly and helpful, especially our driver, Brian Ceroky.
Would recommend if you are in New York and want to see the falls.” Lauren D.
Our charter specialists are ready to help you plan an extraordinary culinary experience!.
High-quality at low prices.
Welcome to our website

and Frank handed out cold bottles of water to everyone



Do you need to move a large crowd?.
Here at Bedore Tours, we certainly have affordable rates, but you get more than just a great price when you book with us.
In order for something to be cost-effective, it needs to be worth what you paid for it, and not just in terms of competitive pricing..
Because this is what we believe, we try to offer you the best in transportation : professional customer service, amenities on board, and friendly drivers.
When you book with us, we want it to be worth your money and more!.


Charter bus transportation is cost-effective transportation!.
If you need group transportation at an affordable price, a coach is the way to go.
You get what you pay for, and with a coach, .

That means convenience too.  GAS AND PARKING

Traveling as a group .
If you don’t want to pay for gas and parking permits for every vehicle, you can simplify by chartering a coach!  AMENITIES.
Comfortable seating.
Lots of room.
A/V system.
Video screens.
Reading lights.
They’re all included.
“Great tour.

We booked a 4-hour tour from our campground to see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side

The tour guide, Martha, picked us up at the campground and returned us after the tour.
We picked up other people, .

Then went across the bridge into Canada

We had to show our pas sport s, and then we went to several places, including Horseshoe Falls, Journey Under the Falls, the Hornblower boat, the flower clock, and a snack shop/souvenir shop.

Martha was very informative and helpful

and we enjoyed our tour very much.

We would recommend this tour to anyone.” GaryT216

“We had a wonderful afternoon with Martha as our tour guide

We got to see a lot of the Canadian side of the falls which we probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.
She knew a lot of the local history and did a wonderful job of getting us as close to the attractions as possible.

Our favorite was the Hornblower (Maid of the Mist) boat excursion

getting us as close to the falls as possible.” Cindy L.
“Great tour & guide.

My wife & I did the All American Adventure Tour with you and had a great time

Our guide, Frank, was very knowledgeable & entertaining, the shuttle bus tour van was comfortable w/ air conditioning, and Frank handed out cold bottles of water to everyone.
Frank also took his time; our tour actually ran longer than scheduled because all of the participants were spending more time at each stop, .

But Frank wasn’t bothered about this at all

I’m guessing this was the last tour of the day.

But Frank didn’t rush any of us at any of the stops

was always willing to take photos of the tour participants, and had a great disposition.
He was very professional and cheerful, a great guide.
“California” couple” Dale D.
Our charter specialists are ready to provide cost-effective travel solutions.
We look forward to hearing from you.
High-quality at low prices.
Welcome to our website

Recommended Vancouver Language Schools

Category: Information .
Vancouver ESL School s.
Vancouver has some of the best language school s in the world; and learning English in Vancouver is very popular because the city is beautiful, safe and lively.

Vancouver also offers diversity

a cosmopolitan but friendly atmosphere, excellent affordable housing for students and more fun than just about any other city in the world.

These factors make Vancouver a language school mecca

It offers a wide range of language schools, .

ESL programs and Language Institutes to choose from

Planning Your Studies.

If you’re planning to study in Vancouver

there are a number of ways to proceed.
Some students prefer to do all the work on their own.
If you choose to do things yourself, your best bet is to attend a local community college or one of the recommended language schools listed below.
Most school s help you find a place to stay.
Some school s charge an extra fee for this service.
And if you wish to change school s, you may have to find another place to live.
Find out whether you can change school s without changing homestays before you sign any forms or pay any money.
Choosing A School .

Choosing a school is difficult because there are so many options in Vancouver

However, you can narrow down your choices once your goals are clear.
If you want to develop language skills, but also have fun, choose a school with classes that emphasize conversation, culture and fun.
If your goals are academic because you plan to attend a North American University, then it’s best to study English at an institution of higher education, either a local community college listed below or one of the two local universities, Simon Fraser or the University of British Columbia.

All these schools offer excellent ESL programs

Local Community Colleges with ESL Programs

Vancouver Community College.
VCC International Education.
Douglas College.

Local Universities with ESL Programs

English Language and Culture Centre.
English Bridge Program.
International & Exchange Student Services.
University of British Columbia.
Recommended Vancouver Language Schools.
The schools listed below have all been in business for a long time, and all have excellent reputations.
VanWest College.
Pacific Language Institute.
ELS Language Centres.
YMCA International College.
Language Studies International.

Cornerstone International Community College of Canada

2 3 24 ».
Vancouver’s Hollywood North.
Vancouver Weather.

Vancouver Telephone Information

Vancouver Public Marinas.
Vancouver Medical Clinics.
Vancouver Internet Access.
Vancouver Fast Facts.
Vancouver ESL Schools.
Vancouver Disability Access.
Vancouver Bus Tour Timeline.
Smoking in Vancouver.

Pronunciation Guide for Vancouver

Places of Worship.
Metric and Imperial Conversions.
Important Vancouver Streets.
General Confusions.

Driving and Parking in Vancouver

Crossing the Border/Passport Information.
Canadian Money and Currency Exchange.

We board the BC Ferries Connector

Thoughts of a Traveler.
The alarm goes off at 4:00am, like most people, I don’t want to get out of bed why can’t I just stay here all day.
I drag myself out and begin my regular morning routine, of course I have to say good morning to my two four-legged fur children who stretch out and grunt, I say “I know, it’s early.” I take my time knowing I don’t need to rush for the ferry terminal.

Someone else was driving and I was guaranteed on-board the BC Ferries

As the moon shined bright , I left the house and departed for the bus depot.
The streets are peaceful, no one in sight only city workers clearing the sidewalks and keeping downtown Victoria vibrant before the day begins and commuters will go about their day.
I walk over to the station and see a few sleepy faces; one passenger hugs his family goodbye as he embarks on a new adventure .
We board the BC Ferries Connector, it is silent, we all smile at each other and find our seats.
At 5:45am.

The bus heads to the Swartz Bay Terminal

I sip on my coffee and enjoy the scenic ride.
I have a panoramic view of the sunset peaking through the bit of cloud s left over from the rain.
The sky is a vibrant pink and I feel content.
We pass by beautiful acreage, birds fly by us finding the perfect perch to people watch, and the mad dash of cars begin as they race for the terminal.
I laugh to myself knowing I don’t have to worry; I’ll be first in line for breakfast.
We approach Swartz Bay and I watch as we pass the line at the terminal and head straight to the front and get ready to board our 7:00am sailing to Tsawwassen.
The scenery changes, .

We are the first to depart the ferry at Tsawwassen

We make a quick stop to let passengers transfer onto the YVR International Airport shuttle and then make our way to downtown Vancouver.
The streets are filled with cars, the morning traffic has begun.
The fast-paced commuters are heading to work, I look in awe at all the buildings in the “big” city, and I think to myself we’re not on “island time” anymore.
Passengers are dropped off at their selected destination s, I am thankful I don’t have to drive down these streets and fight for a parking spot.

As we pull into Pacific Central Station

I grab my belongings; I walk out with a passenger who tells me about his travels and we both go our separate ways, relaxed and ready for our next adventure.

Rural tourism in Armenia

Tours Tours in Armenia.
Tour packages in Armenia.
Car Rental.
Hotels Favorite Destinations.
Property types.
Rental apartments.
Hotel themes.
Hotel category.
Armenia Sights.
Things to Do in Armenia.
Barev About Barev Armenia.
Get in Contact.
Other Services.
Rural tourism in Armenia.
Although traditions of rural life have formed from time immemorial, .

The notion of rural tourism as a developing field in Armenia appeared quite recently

Not surprisingly, ecological tourism (ecotourism) and interest towards this discipline gains momentum in nowadays world.
There is only one escape from hustle and bustle of the city life – countryside.
Moreover, when your trip is flavored with a carefully tailored program, allowing you discover new and unknown places, way of life and mindset of a different culture, try incredible dishes, then it becomes twice as interesting.

Agrotour in Getik valley will enable you to communicate with locals

explore natural beauty of this region: numerous streams and rivers, canyons and mountains; take part in various food and drink master classes, and make the most of your time in two days.
Within our rural tours you can visit Caucasus Wildlife Refuge and see many of the rarest animals on Earth, such as Caucasian lynx, Caucasian leopard, Bezoar goat, Armenian mouflon, Caucasian bear, Bearded vulture, Eurasian Griffon Vulture, Black Vulture and Golden Eagle.
This tour is also combined with a cultural program, which includes visits to local sights.
Almost every program, we introduce to our tourists, has rural elements, which makes it even livelier.
Rural tour in Getik Valley.

Rural and eco tour More › Items : 2

Showed 1 to 2.

It is easy to find one on page Sightseeng Tours to Armenia

Tours Tours in Armenia.
Tour packages in Armenia.
Car Rental.
Hotels Favorite Destinations .
Property types.
Rental apartments.
Hotel theme s.
Hotel category .
Armenia Sights.
Things to Do in Armenia.
Barev About Barev Armenia.
Get in Contact .
Other Services .
Tours in Armenia.
Tours to Armenia is, first of all, family Vacations & travel to the cradle of civilization .
Armenia is mountains, Sun, most tasty and ecologically pure food and water.

Armenia is deep ravines and dense forests

most ancient architectural monuments, traditions of hospitality, safety any time and in any place.

Armenia is the most ancient Christian country in the world

People throughout the world travel to Armenia with families

friends, sometimes alone.

You will be provided with tours in Armenia for weekend

for a week or two, but it is usually not enough, and people always come back.  If tourist attractions & destinations in Armenia interest you, we offer a range of vacation packages.

If you plan excursions in Armenia

but you are not familiar with the country, then choice from one of our classical tour packages is the most optimal decision.
It is easy to find one on page Sightseeng Tours to Armenia.
Tour Operator Barev Armenia offers one-day guided tours from Yerevan to all interesting and available routs.

The list is on page One-day Tours to Armenia

If you plan sightseeing in a week, .

Our travel booking services consultants will offer special Tours in Armenia with groups

Tour operator also offers combined regional tours Armenia-Georgia-Iran.  Items : 83, Showed 1 to 10 Pages : 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.

Add your comments about Barbados Investment Opportunities

›› ›› ›› ›› Barbados Investment Opportunities

Barbados is an ideal location for reducing manufacturing & information processing costs, while taking advantage of duty-free exports to international markets and increasing profits.

Advantages of establishing your business in Barbados include:

Tax holiday, with low tax tax rate thereafter Exemption from import duties Full repatriation of capital, profits & dividends Low-cost, subsidized factory space available within 10 fully-serviced industrial parks Cash grants for worker training Cooperative and efficient customs service Free consulting services of the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) Official welcome from a government committed to private enterprise Low operating costs (savings of 40% or more) Literate, skilled, trainable and productive workforce with low rates of turnover and absenteeism Economic, political and social stability and integrity Duty-free access to the U.
A., Canada and the E.
Barbados also offers special business sector incentives to the following areas of business: Information Technology Services Sector.
Special tax rate of 2 1/2% on net profits.
Full exemption from import duties on production related equipment such as computers.
Full and unrestricted repatriation of capital, profits and dividends.
Subsidized office space available for rental in fully serviced industrial park s.
Training grant of US $50.00 per employee per week during the first 18 months of operation.

Manufacturing and Production Industries

Up to ten years exemption from taxes on corporate profits.
2 1/2% tax rate for export industries thereafter.

Exemption from import duties on parts

raw materials and production machinery.
Expedited customs clearance procedures.
Full and unrestricted repatriation of capital, profits and dividends.
Subsidized factory space in well planned and fully serviced industrial park s.
Training grant of US $50.00 per employee per week during the first 18 months of operation.

Click HERE for further details

Coordinated investment approval procedures.

International Financial Services Companies

Barbados has established a reputation as a world-class international financial services center, developing a network of double taxation treaties, domestic tax policies, and legislation which facilitates a thriving industry.
Offshore Banks.
Exempt Insurance Companies.

International Business Companies

Foreign Sales Corporation s.

Societies with Restricted Liability

Trust Companies.

Ship Registration and Shipping Activities

Add your comments about Barbados Investment Opportunities .

Please enable JavaScript to view the

settled in Barbados in the 1600’s

›› ›› ›› Bridgetown Jewish Synagogue

One of the’s ” Seven Wonders Of Barbados!” Bridgetown Synagogue There is one synagogue situated in Barbados’ capital city Bridgetown.
Built in the 17th century (1654) it was destroyed by hurricane in 1831, was rebuilt, fell into disrepair and was sold in 1929.
In 1983, it was bought back by the Jewish community and was restored to its present state with its beautiful Gothic arches, .

And is now a Barbados National Trust protected building and an active synagogue

Located next to the synagogue is the Nidhe Israel Museum

The 10 Commandments About 300 Jewish people of Recife

Brazil, persecuted by the Portuguese, settled in Barbados in the 1600’s.
Skilled in the sugar industry , they quickly introduced the crop and passed on their skills in cultivation and production to the Barbados land owners.

With their help Barbados went on to become one of the world’s major sugar producers

The synagogue is located within the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Historic Bridgetown and Its Garrison and is also a part of the Synagogue Historic District which you can explore at

Visit this Synagogue on a walking tour of Bridgetown

Click here for pricing & bookings You won’t find it cheaper online or anywhere else.
Book ahead to guarantee you don’t miss out on the best tours & activities.    Add your comment s about the Bridgetown Jewish Synagogue.

Please enable JavaScript to view the