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Wheelchair Friendly Things to Do in Melbourne


By When I say “Australia”

what’s the first place that you think of.
Most likely, you’re imagining the stunning Sydney Opera House or maybe even… 17 Read More , , , ,.

Best Accessible Attractions in Sydney

By Sydney certainly has no short age of things to see and do.
It is not only a local tourist destination.

But a worldwide landmark destination… Read More

, , Rolling Around Cairns, Australia: A Wheelchair User’s Travel Guide.
By Cairns, Australia is considered one of the most beautiful places on Earth and is the reason that I am dying to go back to… Read More , A Stunning Day on the Great Ocean Road.
By When deciding where to visit in Australia, .

I knew that Sydney was an absolute must of course

However, we had an extra few days… 14 Read More Eureka Skydeck: Viewing Melbourne from 88 Floors High.

By Melbourne

with its flowing rivers, vibrant graffiti, and friendly people, is naturally a stunning city and after strolling around taking it all in for… Read More That Time I Met POTUS in Sydney, Australia….
By Would you like to meet celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Katy Perry or even President Barack Obama.
Well, you can in Sydney.
These celebrities… Read More My Taronga Zoo Wheelchair Access Experience.

By Kangaroos

Venomous sn ak es.

These are some of the animals that come to mind when thinking of Australia

The country has long been infamous… Read More Taking in the Sights from Sydney’s Highest Outdoor Adventure.
By My ears began to pop as the elevator made it’s way up to a staggering 880 feet above sea level.
Normally, I am not… Read More Dining from 35 Floors High: A Review of No 35 Melbourne.
By Melbourne is a city full of great people, shopping and food, with a plethora of options to suit any palate.
When looking for new… Read More .
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