Topes de Collantes Viazul Bus Service

Topes de Collantes Viazul Bus Service.
Viazul Cuba Bus Service is the perfect option to visit Topes de Collantes in Sancti Spiritus.
For those of you who don’t wish to to visit Topes de Collantes the Viazul bus service will take you across Cuba and to Sancti Spiritus in comfort.
Then from Sancti Spiritus Bus Station the short 88 km (55 miles) trip to Topes de Collantes can be made in a local taxi for less than 60 CUC.

Buses are new air-conditioned models with onboard WC

central TV and lower suitcase compartment.
Unless you intend to take the bus the moment you arrive, in most cases there is no need to book in advance as extra buses are added to routes when a particular route becomes overbooked.
Simply visit the offices listed below, buy your ticket and travel either that day or any day in the future.
The Viazul ticketing service is quick and efficient so usually you can collect a ticket in minutes.
Departure times are clearly shown outside each booth.

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