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Rolling Around Series .
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Volunteering Opportunities for the Disabled in Northern Ireland

By Many people who visit Northern Ireland are drawn by its unique natural wonders.
But its people are equally beautiful.

Handicapped adventurers looking for valuable… Read More

, 5 Wheelchair Accessible Things to Do in Cairo, Egypt.
By Egypt is somewhat behind other Arab nations in terms of wheelchair accessible travel destinations and proposed updates to the existing infrastructure have yet to… Read More , , Wheelchair Accessible Activities for a Trip to Hong Kong.
By Asia quite often gets a bad rap for being a most inhospitable place for travelers in wheelchairs.
And while in some cases this might… Read More A Wheelchair Accessible Adventure to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
By **This is a guest post.

Written by Srin Madipalli**   My name is Srin and I’m the CEO of Accomable

an online platform for… Read More , , , Wheelchair Accessible Things to Do in Phuket.
By You might think that the sights and sounds of Thailand, which includes ancient cities, floating markets, tropical islands, and religious relics, .

Would prove problematic… Read More

By , , , Rolling Around Lombok, .

Indonesia: A Wheelchair User’s Travel Guide

By Indonesia is an exciting and exotic destination , and you’ll be happy to hear that it’s accessible to wheelchair users as well.
Here, I’ve compiled… Read More 2 4 Next.

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